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Gunsmith Cats    |   

I can't praise this unique series enough. It is so different than any other anime I've seen. Somehow Kenichi Sonoda takes the classic anime girls, gives them guns and grenades, puts them in a Chicago gun shop, and makes it one of the most FUN shows I have ever seen. No, it has no nudity, ultra-violence, giant robots, or little collectible monsters. But in the end, you'll find yourself glad that it didn't. While the things I listed never seem to get old (with the notable exception of those little monsters), it is so refreshing to find an anime that can fly on its own without being bogged down in hackneyed themes.

This anime is the story of Rally Vincent, Chicago bounty-hunter and gunsmith. Along with her partner, Minnie May Hopkins, she is forced by the ATF to stop a gunrunning operation. You see, Rally has quite a collection of weapons, and not all of them are licensed. So Bill Collins, the lovable ATF agent assigned to the case, gives them an ultimatum, stop the gunrunners or have your illegal stash melted down. Pretty harsh, eh? Oh, and did I mention that the gunrunners have a bloodthirsty Russian assassin after our heroines? This anime gets a 9 out of 10! Buy it now! Even you cold-hearted meanies will crack a smile on this one.