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Want to reach a state of eternal, ultimate enlightenment? Well if you do, get thee to these websites, post-haste! Oh, and if you would like me to make a link to your page, send me your URL and make sure you return the favor by making a link to this site.

This is the site where me and my friends gather to discuss anime, videogames, and the meaning of cosmic truths. Register and make some posts!

Attention all shoujo-fans! This is an awesome Sailor Moon fansite. Tons of cool features and multi-media! Revel in the wholesome goodness that is Badkitty's Sailor Site.

One of my oldest and best friends is the only guy I know who loves Tenchi Muyo more than I do. He has created what is almost without a doubt the largest collection of Tenchi pictures online. He put a great deal of tedious work into this massive labor of love, and it shows. If you like the Tenchi series/movies you can't miss out on this site. Hopefully, I can talk him into making a Tenchi review for this site.

The official homepage of the Unreal Tournament clan that I belong to. If you'd like to join, challenge us, or just check us out, head on over.

This is a link to a growing Cowboy Bebop fansite made by one of my online pals. It's in its early stages now, but it has potential. Check it out if you are a fan of the series.

As you already know if you've talked to me at all, I really like ninja. I grew up during the Ninjamania era of the late 80's/early 90's when ninja were the coolest thing around. I watched all the movies, from American Ninja to Beverly Hills Ninja. I played all the old ninja games, from Shinobi, to Ninja Gaiden, to Ninja Crusaders, to Wrath of the Black Manta, to......well, you get the idea. So if ya love ninja,(and who among us can honestly say he doesn't) then head on over to this witty and hilarious ninja site. If you like the site, then send me a Ninjaburger with a side order of Fries of Our Ancestors.

This is a link to the site where I get almost all of my anime. The Right Stuf international carries nearly any anime or related merchandise you could want, their prices are the best, and their employees are quick to process your order and have been EXTREMELY polite and helpful every single time I have had a question/problem. They can't be beat. I would also recommend your join their "got anime?" club, since you get even more products and discounts.

As you probably noticed, many of my pics have "" stuck in one corner or the other. I made this link out of appreciation to them(and also to earn brownie points in case I'm not allowed to use their pictures, heh-heh). It is a great site to get digital pictures of all your favorite anime, which is nice if you don't have the means to make your own.

This link will take you to the awesome Castlevania Dungeon site. Anyone who considers him/herself a fan of this classic series should spend much time at this website. They have so many cool features I won't even try to list them. Just head over there and find out for yourself. Oh.....and don't forget your crucifix.

Ever wish you could brutally kill, maim, or otherwise physically harm those annoying pop celebrities like Britney Spears, BS Boys, Slim Shady, etc. ? Well, you should. However, harsh reality is that the legal system and that death penalty thing put a severe hitch in this plan. Fortunately, our heroes at the DK Project can do what we cannot. If you want to see some hilarious flash animation, head to this cool site.

Here is a link to an awesome Bastard!! fansite. I found it the day after I bought the anime, and I am already a welcome member of a really great little fan community. The site has great pics and gifs that will appear in my upcoming Bastard!! review. Feel free to head over to this site, check it out, and make some posts on its very lively forum. We have already had some cool discussions, so even if you've never seen Bastard!!, join in on the fun.
Amateur Manga Links
Do you like amateur manga? You should. Check these out!

Bitmap ImageThis is a link to Aijin Tensai, a funny manga made by Orimono-Shujin. It is about high-school kids in love, or not in love, as the case may be!

This is a link to Qimm's Habitat, the home of a girl who is very obsessed with Vegeta. That's okay, because Vegeta is my favorite DBZ character, so I can see where she is coming from. Among other things, her site features her hilarious manga, in which her and Vegeta are a couple. If you want a good laugh, go check out their
comical exploits.

A Loving Link for Lovecraft
This is my little tribute for the man with the plan, H.P. Lovecraft. Here is a bit of enlightenment for the ignorant heathen among us. H.P. Lovecraft was a turn of the last century author of horror/sci-fi. He is considered by many to be the father of modern horror, and is usually considered beneath only Edgar Allan Poe in terms of his contributions to America's horror genre. Some, like myself, feel that he does not receive the notoriety and respect he deserves, so visit the link below and help change this horrible oversight. This New England gentleman wrote about everything from aliens to ghouls to vampires to dreamlands to semi-amorphous, demonic, immortal, omnipotent, trans-dimensional, and generally unsavory elder entities that tend to cause lots of problems for us homo sapiens. Folks, this is the good stuff. Actually, some of his less outlandish stories are the best. So if you have ever had the desire to insanely gibber, leer, and shamble under the eldritch light of a gibbous moon (and who among us hasn't?), then head over to the H.P. Lovercraft Library, where you can find out about the man and read nearly every one of his works at absolutely no cost. How cool is that? Seriously now, give this author a try! At least read "The Picture in the House". It will only take a few minutes, and I guarantee that you will love it. Click on the photo of the dapper Lovecraft to go there now.
H.P. Lovecraft: "Click on me, or be consigned to oblivion!"