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A handy list of what has been going down at this site.

09/08/01- Created the site foundation! Yip,yip,yip,yippeee!

09/08/01- Due to a need for bug tests, I have decided to put my page online before all the starting reviews are finished. Impatience didn't help either. However, I hope to have the reviews done within the week, two weeks maximum.

09/08/01- Gunsmith Cats is the first completed review!

09/09/01- First full day the site is up. Added Armitage III review. Obtained a few hits and signatures. Keep 'em comin'!

09/09/01- More coolness! I added a categorized rating chart to supplement the "X out of 10" overall rating. Now you know which specific parts of the anime really stood out to me, be it in a good way or bad. I even made my own little Ashram smilies! (well, as smiley as Ashram can ever be at least......)

09/14/01- Finally finished my two essays for my classes! To celebrate, I have posted the Iria: Zeiram the Animation review. Enjoy!

09/16/01- Added two new links and added graphics for most of the old ones. I purchased the Street Fighter Alpha and Bastard!! animes, so look for me to review them. The SFA review should appear in short order.

09/16/01- Added the Ghost in the Shell review. Hope you like it! I might add some more pics to it at later date, but I wanted it up for my visitors to read.

09/17/01- Added the Street Fighter Alpha anime. All you SF fans head over and read it real quick so you can hate me! Seriously friends, I hated to give it such a low score. Read the review and see my justification.

09/18/01- I have applied to the Anime Domain webring. I really hope I am accepted, as this would be a good way to generate relevant traffic. As you can see, the bar is already on my main page. Now, I just have to wait for the ringmaster to e-mail me........

09/19/01- Sighhhhh....still no news from the ringmaster. I can't imagine what the holdup is, but I'm sure he/she has a good reason. Must be patient. Some good news though, although I have just started watching Bastard, I have already found an awesome fan site that has great pics, gifs, and a lively little forum. I linked it to the Soul Crushing Links page, so if you want to know more about Bastard!!, are a fan of Bastard!!, or just an anime fan in general, you might want to check it out. Also, expect a Princess Mononoke review very soon.

09/24/01- Ah, back in full force after a brief hiatus! Just posted the promised Bastard!! review. Take time to check out this spectacular fantasy/action anime.

09/24/01- Just made history on this website, as I have just posted a review for the first anime to receive a perfect 10 out of 10! Which anime is the recipient of this great honor? The one, the only, Princess Mononoke! Don't miss this review, and definitely don't miss this anime.

09/24/01- Great news on the technical front. As I'm sure you noticed, I have made the backgrounds more faded. This should make it much easier to read the overlying text. This was a big problem, and I think I now have it about as easy to read as you can get on multicolor backgrounds.

09/28/01- Oh, happy day! I am now a member of the @Androids Anime Webring@ ! For those of you unfamiliar with webrings, this means that I am now linked to all the other anime websites within this ring through the navigation bar on my main page. Hopefully, this will bring in traffic to my site, plus allow me to visit other great anime sites. I encourage all visitors to take advantage of this navigation bar and check out some of the other webring sites.

09/28/01- Harumph, notice anything different? MAYBE THE AWESOME COLLAGE ON THE MAIN PAGE THAT I CREATED, AND OF WHICH I TAKE GREAT PRIDE?!  Yeah, that's the one. Hope you like it as much as I do.

09/30/01- I made a few cosmetic changes to the site. First of all, I added our kawaii/mean mascot, Chibi-Ashram. His disembodied head has been showing up all over the rating charts, but now we finally get to meet him in person. I also added a nice little button at the bottom of the page that visitors with anime sites of their own can use to link to my page. Sure will look better than some boring old text link! Make use of it!
09/30/01- Much cause for celebration today! Lord Ashram's Anime Reviews has won its first reward! Badkitty's Sailor Site loved my anime pad so much that she gave me two awards. They are both so cute! You have to check them out. I have also made a link to her site on my Soul Crushing Links page. Check it out, Sailor Moon fans! As if that weren't enough, this act of kindness has also prompted me to create some awards of my own. Want one? Well, e-mail me your URL, sign my guestbook, and if Ashram is impressed by your site, I'll let him give you one of my awards. Coincidentally, the awards I have won and the awards I will distribute will appear on two new pages. Also added some very cute pictures to the Armitage III review. I know this site isn't a pic archive, but I like to add a few favorites to each review if I have them.
10/01/01- I have added the Vampire Hunter D review. Fans of gothic horror and/or gory action should check it out.

10/02/01- Not much on this update. A few text changes, *yawn*. Well, there is one noteworthy feature. I alphabetized the reviews, which will come in handy as the list grows. I also added a list of upcoming reviews, just so visitors get an idea of what to expect in future updates.

10/03/01- I added a very important link today! Check it out at the very bottom of the Soul Crushing Links page. If you are a fan of sci-fi/horror ficition, then you can't miss this link to the H.P. Lovecraft library, a repository for the works of America's greatest horror author.

10/12/01- Sorry for the hiatus. I've been on vacation and have slacked off a bit. I accept my beatings with due humility. However, I am back in full force with my review of "X". Check it out, action-anime buffs! Oh, I also added a new section to the Soul Crushing Links page, the Amateur Manga Links. I really get a kick out of amateur manga, so if you do too, then check out these funny sites. On a less important note, I added a few pics to the Ghost in the Shell review.

10/24/01- I apologize for another delay. I have been playing so many cool new videogames lately(Armored Core 2: Another Age, Guilty Gear X, and Devil May Cry) that I have hardly found time to work on my site. However, that is behind us, since I just added my Genocyber review. Fans of sci-fi/horror/violent action should check this one out.

10/27/01- ALL RIGHT!!!! I received my first visitor-submitted review today! Check out DarkSock's Dragonball review. Keep those reviews coming!

11/9/01- Attention fans of comical anime! I just added the review for the very humorous Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman. This hilarious anime pokes fun at Power Rangers-esque shows and anime as a whole. Guaranteed to get a laugh!

11/26/01- Dear Lord, has it been that long since I last updated? Sheesh, I apologize to those of you that I know visit the site. This month has been hectic hell for me. I just dropped in to add the Gold Shotgun award that I received from the webmaster of His site is somewhat malfunctioning at the time, so I'll post a link when he gets it fixed. You can always find the link to his message board in my links section. It's a great place to talk with me too! Well, I'll try my best to finish the Akira review before I go home for Christmas break, since I have someone who requested it. Well, I'll see ya when I see ya, folks!

11/30/01- Just added my second user-submitted review! Thanks, Zech42, for the Digimon review.

01/08/02- Listen up! The site has been updated with the biggest, baddest new addition yet! Look for the intro link right under the collage on the main page. So head on over and meet my new assistant, Demona, as she introduces you to Demona's Non-Anime Cartoon Reviews! This wonderful new section is devoted to great American cartoons that don't have a friggin' thing to do with anime, and were proud to have them! So do yourself a favor and go see why. The review for Gargoyles is already up and going, and expect one for G.I. Joe will probably arrive tomorrow. I've got Demona working on it double time.

01/16/02- I've made several important cosmetic changes to the page on this update. First of all, I'm sure you noticed the main page looks quite different, with a spiffy new title pic, and the collage that was formerly the title pic is now the background. Looks nice, eh? I also finally addressed the "hard-to-read-text" issue once and for all. The backgrounds are much lighter now, so there should be no problems reading any text. However, I do have some bad news. Demona's review of G.I. Joe and G.I. Joe: The Movie will be a bit delayed. I'm sure she's doing her best, so just be patient. On a brighter note, my clanleader, ShotgunLarry, is seriously considering supplying us with a review for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I know of no one more qualified to do so. Look for a new link to our clan homepage in the Soul Crushing Links section.

4/1/02- Well, it's a beautiful spring day, the Middle East is in turmoil, and the Queen Mum's dead. It's nice to know if a world of constant change you can always count on Lord Ashram's Anime Reviews!(hehe) Anyway, while the site has been sluggish for awhile, I'm about to pick things up with the addition of some great new reviews. I intend to bring you the much-delayed Akira review soon. I purchased a copy of the greatly praised Jin-Roh: Wolf Brigade, and I hope to have a review added by tonight. Also, my great thanks go out to my pal Hidden Horror, who has provided us with reviews for Gundam: 8th MS Team and the Inu-Yasha manga. Expect the former later today, and the latter as soon as I finish the new manga section. Well, thanks to all of you who have stuck with us; you are about to be rewarded!
4/2/02- Okay, I have added a review for Gundam: 8th MS Team. I also present our newest addition to the site, Minnie May's Manga. Head over there and let my fiesty assistant show you our first two manga reviews. Amazingly, both mangas reviewed, Gunsmith Cats and Inu-Yasha, scored perfect 10s! Guaranteed classics! Furthermore, I finished watching Jin-Roh and the special features disc only minutes ago, so expect a review for this senstational anime film sometime tomorrow. I also added a link to a Cowboy Bebop fansite created by my latest review submitter, as well as an award he gave this site. Check it out!
4/3/02- Okay, the Jin-Roh review has been added! Anyone with a love for thought-provoking anime or the work of Mamoru Oshii be sure to check it out. It's a great anime and will give you plenty to think about.