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If you have a review for a favorite anime that you would like to have posted on this site, then by all means let me know. I would be glad to place it on this site. All I ask is that you e-mail it to me at However, please abide by the simple criteria below.

If you have an interest in manga, your reviews would be much appreciated in the new Minnie May's Manga section. I'm sure May would be very grateful.

Feel free to submit reviews for the new section, Demona's Non-Anime Cartoon Reviews. It sure doesn't hurt to get on her good side if you can! (Demona: "Don't get fresh with me, Lord Ash")

1. No "computer geek" speak like "plz" or "thx" or "roolz" or "sux", etc.. Use real English, people.

2. Try to make the piece easy to understand and gramatically acceptable. I'm not your English teacher, so don't freak out. Just try to write this review fairly well. I'll correct any mistakes I find, but I can't do it all on my own.

3. Try to be objective, but please give your own opinion. Just make sure you justify your praise or criticism. Don't say " This movie sucked." and not tell the reader why it sucked. Don't say "This moved rocked." and not tell the reader what made it so cool.

4. Please don't send reviews of anime that has already been reviewed by myself. I don't mean to imply that your review couldn't possibly be better than mine, but I gotta save some of the glory for myself, eh?

5. If an anime has been reviewed by someone else and you think you could do better, go ahead and submit your review. If I decide your review really is better, I'll either sub it in or put it alongside the old one.

6. When submitting, send the review as an e-mail. I'd love it if you sent some appropriate pictures to accompany the review, but send them as a file attached to the e-mail.