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I had known pretty well about Inu-Yasha existence. I was aware it was written buy the same genius behind Ranma 1/2...but I still failed to care. An online pen pal tried to persuade me to start reading it...but still...nothing. One day, I went to a book store, hoping to buy the second volume of Akira. Damn, they sold out. Before leaving in disappointment, I browsed the manga section quickly, ignoring the DBZ and Sailormoon manga...which no longer interested me. Finally, my eyes came across a blue book...Inu-Yasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale. I had twenty-three dollars in my pocket, and I was dying to spend it...the next thing I knew....I was on my bed, opening the first page of this....amazing manga. The story of Inu-Yasha is peculiar, yet extraordinary. A young girl named Kagome, living in modern day brought into Ancient Japan through a cursed well. She later finds that she is the recarnation of beautiful preistess Kiyoko whom is responsible for killing the evil half demon....Inu-Yasha. This puts her in a very awkward position especially after resurrecting the human shaped demon. Luckily, Kagome is able to take control of Inu-Yasha with the help of Kiyoko's younger sister Kaede. This prevents Inu-Yasha from having any chance of killing Kagome for revenge, and also forcing him to help Kagome collect the shards from "The Jewel of Four Souls" before demons order to raise their power. Kagome and Inu-Yasha have many weird adventures...several I'm still yet to read through. The character designs are very well done, however very similar to Ranma 1/2's drawings...(you can probably guess why). And I have found myself saying "Damn Kagome's hot" several times throughout the book, and when a DRAWING does that to know that the creator did a nice job. The dialouge is also, just as great as the story...and manages to connect the characters well. Funny...yet serious....there are even some hints of romance...but I have not read far enough to verify this. Inu-Yasha is just one of those animes that you HAVE to talk'll love it from begining to end...those lucky to come across from it are in for a real treat..... The moral of the story is....try new things everytime you get the never know what you feelings about it are going to be I give Inu-Yasha a PERFECT 10 out of 10.