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The Plan
Welcome to the new manga section! While I stick mostly to anime, I have been known to dabble in a bit of manga as well. Since I watch far more anime than I read manga, this section of the site will probably not grow as fast. However, you can hope to see a new addition to this section from time to time. Some of the manga reviewed in this section will correspond to an anime that has been previously reviewed, so that might be an extra bonus for a fan of an anime who wants to know if the manga should be explored. Well, I'll turn things over to Minnie May and get back to my anime reviews. Enjoy!

The Boss
                       Minnie May: "Me in the Gunsmith Cats anime."                    Minnie May:"Me in the Gunsmith Cats manga."
Hi, everyone! My name is Minnie May, and you might know me from the Gunsmith Cats anime and manga. While I'm infamous for my obsessions with sex and grenades(Webmaster's Note:"Gee, what a combo....."), few people know that I'm a huge fan of manga. So when Lord Ashram decided to add this new section, I was the obvious choice to oversee it, due to my expertise in this area. By the way, gentlemen, despite my childlike cuteness, I AM 18, and I'd love to show you some of my other "skills". ; )  (WM's Note:"What?! May, my visitors are going to think I'm a pimp!) Anyway, the layout is the same as Lord Ashram's and Demona's sections; a few teaser pics, a brief review, followed by a summary chart of the manga in question. The more times you see my cute little face on the chart, the better that manga did in the respective category. Have fun! I always do......

Availible Reviews

Gunsmith Cats

Inu-Yasha(Vistitor Submitted)

Upcoming reviews

Tenchi Muyo!