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The Plan
Welcome, friends, to what is perhaps the coolest addition to Lord Ashram's Anime Reviews! This section is entirely devoted to reviews of animation that doesn't have  a blamed thing to do with anime! Now before you come after me with a straight jacket, hear me out. I already know what you are going to say: "But Lord Ashram, your web page is called "Lord Ashram's ANIME Reviews" is it not?" Well, indeed it is, but I think it's high time I did my best to stop a spreading plague that has infected the anime world. You see, far too many anime "true fans" have developed this notion that any animation that is not "anime" must inherently suck. They trash anything that doesn't contain the usual anime look, Japanese culture references, and pretty much anything understood to be American animation. Well, I've got news for those chumps: Plenty of very high quality cartoons exist that can hold their own against anime any day of the week. So with this new section I intend to elighten the close-minded fools among us, or perhaps open up new vistas of coolness to the unintentionally ignorant. Yep, just doing my part to make the world a better place. But in the end, I am still Lord Ashram, reviewer of anime. Therefore, I'll shut up now and turn things over to my new assistant, Demona. This section is her domain now, so tread carefully. She does a good job, but she has a mean streak a mile wide. *gulp* Well....hehe..have fun.....I'm outta here........

                                                  The Boss
                      Demona: "Me when I'm happy."       Demona:"Me when I'm enraged!"
Greetings, everyone. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Demona, onetime regular on Disney's "Gargoyles", now assistant to your webmaster, Lord Ashram. As you can see above, I only have two moods. When things are going my way, and respect is showed for non-anime cartoons (such as "Gargoyles"!), I can be very sweet and charming. However, should you anger me, I'm very likely to blast you to bits with a rocket launcher, burn you to ashes with an arcane spell, or simply rip your head off. So needless to say, please show respect in my domain. You have a problem, take it up with that punk of a webmaster, Lord Ashram (Webmaster's note: "Hey, I heard that!"). So now that we are aquainted, let's get down to business!The setup will be the same as the rest of this website: A few pics to tease your eyes, a summary of the cartoon's pros, cons, characters, and plotline. Finally, the handy-dandy chart will summarize the results of the review for those of you too lazy to read the review, or act as a quick recap of the text. Naturally, the more times you see my little noggin, the better the cartoon scored in that category. Look for news on updates in the regular news section. Have fun and enjoy! I'll be watching...........

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