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This review is the work of Thanks for the review, Zech!
I know what your all about to think.....ugh.....Digimon.....but give you have to at least give this one a shot. Even though I'm not a huge fan anymore, Digimon still has a place in my anime library. The first series's plot centers around seven kids who go to summer camp, and get sucked into a place called "The Digital World"...fortunately for Toei only sounds gay. In this world, the seven teens befriend monsters called "Digimon". These monsters can grow and fight with the kids help, they save the world a few times from evil digimon...and so on...and so on. Now with the basic plot in mind, we go to the good points of the series. The kids were pretty easy to relate to, seven kids with diffrent personalities...hell, you have to be pretty damn boring if you can't relate to at least one of them. The series also has a pretty nice amout of action. Armored dinosaurs, gigantic wolves, its kind of neat. The show also can also display a great amount of friendship, sappy most of the time, yet still, sometimes kind of nice. But now what you have all been waiting for....Digimon's bad points...(lemme tell ya, it has plenty). Corny jokes! Hell, there more annoying then funny. It also takes the kids a half hour to figure out something goddam obvious. Its animation is also kind of lacking...yet not quite as bad as Astro Boy....its not quite as good as Akira... All in all: Digimon is not a bad anime, just don't go and think its a must have in your collection. Final Score: 6 out of 10

Webmaster's Note: It think this is a pretty fair review of Digimon. I never considered the "relating to the characters" part, but now that I think about it, that is a really enlightening and unique perspective. I have to thank Zechs for that. This anime is certainly decent, although I would recommend it more for young children than season anime-fans. In the end, I think it is better than Pokemon, but not as good as Monster Rancher.