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Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman |

This anime can be summed up with one word: hilarious!!! It doesn't have  squat in the way of character development or storyline, but it is one of those "anime making fun of anime" types that always prove to be quite humorous. It is basically a spoofy parody of Power Ranger/VR Trooper-esque shows in which all the main characters are secretly super-heroes in different colored suits fighting strangely dressed alien-people who control bizarre monsters. The show takes all those cheesy, hackneyed themes and has a ton of fun at their expense. The animation is quite nice, and we get an appropriately catchy and corny theme song. The dubbing is done very well, with the over-the-top voices suiting the characters perfectly. In fact, the only huge complaint I have with this anime is its rather short length (2 episodes, 30 min. ea.).

This is the story of Hiroya Matsumoto, a young man who receives a job working at the firm where his father was employed for many years. Things at the office seem normal at first, but Hiroya soon discovers that all is not as it seems at the Right Trading Company. Before he can hardly get settled, he is inducted into the company's secret branch, the special duty combat unit, Shinesman. He and four other employees proceed to combat corporate invaders from another planet, donning colorful (colors like sepia, moss green, and salmon pink, hehe) armor and fighting alien monsters with "weapons" such as tie-clip bombs and razor-sharp business cards. However, it seems that the villians may have the inside track, since their leader and his right hand man are disguised as businessmen from another firm. Of course, this all leads to comical confrontations while Hiroya has to simultaneously deal with such hazards as the affections of the alien leader's ditzy cousin and the wild driving habits of Yamadera, another Shinesman who is SERIOUSLY obsessed with his car. Some scenes on this anime will have you laughing out loud, such as Shiina's escape from the Godzilla suit or the scene where the alien leaders walk out of a dimensional portal that connects their command center to a toliet stall in the office building of their firm. It's short and not for everyone, but unless you are currently in the market for a very serious and profound anime, I would strongly recommend this comical treat. I give Special Duty Combat Unit: Shinesman an 8 out of 10!!!