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Even the most hardcore fans of DragonBall won't have much trouble admitting it is rather....demented....for lack of a better word. In this surprisingly popular anime, we follow a 12 year old, monkey-tailed, cloud-riding hero named Goku and his band of rouge friends (who are mostly named after Japanese food) around the world, fighting in tournaments and saving the world from ultimate destruction. Akira Toriyama lets his rather perverted imagination fly in DragonBall. Expecially in the old martial arts master, Master Roshi, whose true ways did not survive the Cartoon Network/Toonami censors. For example, in episode 15, Look Out for Launch, Roshi has Goku, Krillin, and Launch train in black women's underwear. But besides this, DragonBall has great ways of lighting up some events you would think of as grim. But unlike the raging sequel DragonBall Z, DragonBall deals with a few more "realistic" (used extremely lightly) events. In DragonBall Z we watch Goku deal with flesh eating, body snatching, morphing aleins, who have no real purpose in the evil deeds that there doing....But in DragonBall we can enjoy Goku fight dinosaurs, and humans with hand-to-hand combat, rather then one-hit-kill laser beams. We even get to enjoy a few three episode slug fests! All in All: DragonBall is fun anime to sit down and watch....even though you probably won't understand a single thing that's going on, even the most clueless won't take their eyes off it. Whats better then a young Were-Monkey beating the crap out of poorly animated and named creatures!? Final Rating: 8 out of 10

Webmaster's note: An excellent anime. It derserves its respecatable score. Hilarious and endearing, this anime is a true classic. Don't let the enormous fanfare around DBZ make you overlook its worthy predecessor.