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Vampire Hunter D    |   

This is one of those anime movies that it seems like everyone has seen at one time or another. It is regarded as one of the classic anime that helped define an entire sub-culture. Since it was made in 1985, the animation quality is not the greatest. The character designs vary in quality from impressive and original(D) to bizarre and puzzling(the Mayor's son, the purple demon). The story is entertaining, though a bit hackneyed and derived. However, it does present the Castlevania-esque adventure in a new way, and the revelation at the end is satisfying, though most viewers will have guessed it long before hand.

This anime tells the story of Doris, a beautiful young maiden, who is bitten by the vampire, Count Magnus Lee, while she protects her farm from roving demons. The townspeople seek to exile the infected Doris, so she enlists the aid of "D" , a mysterious vampire hunter of unmatched skill. D, with his massive sword, supernatural strength, and leering, talking left hand sets out to destroy Magnus Lee before Doris is subverted to him forever. Of course, a horde of demonic minions and the Count himself will have a thing or two to say about this little plan of D's. Expect lots of bloodshed to ensue as D battles his way into, out of, and back into the Count's monster-infested layer, until the final, desperate showdown. This anime is pretty entertaining while it lasts, but in the end its shallow story and dated visuals will leave you unsatisfied. However, it is still a good pick for action or horror buffs. I give Vampire Hunter D a 7 out of 10.